Over $28M of Capital Raised Into Cali Group’s E-Sports Spin Out, Including Follow On Investment By Cali Group

June 29, 2017 – Cali Group announced today that Super League Gaming (“SLG”), the e-sports platform for every day gamers, has received $15 million in Series C funding from Nickelodeon (a division of Viacom), DMG Entertainment, a SoftBank managed fund, Toba Capital, premier esports entity aXiomatic, and various professional sports owners. Cali Group also invested in the financing to increase its ownership position in Super League and become the largest shareholder. The press release describing the SLG financing is at Earlier in the week, SLG and DMG Entertainment announced a strategic partnership to take the Super League platform to a global audience, including launching the brand in various cities in China. The press release can be viewed at

Super League was spun out of Cali Group in 2014 to bring gamers of all ages from around the world together for recreational and competitive gaming, content creation and sharing, and social networking. Super League has pioneered city teams in e-sports and established movie theaters as the ultimate arenas to experience some of the world’s most popular e-sports games in a new and social context. SLG has raised approximately $28M million in funding since 2014. Earlier investors include Cinemark, ET Capital, and Quadrant.

“Cali Group’s family of companies are focused on creating new technologies to transform the restaurant and retail industries,” said John Miller, Chairman and CEO of Cali Group. “We use our growing CaliBurger restaurant chain to demonstrate how technology platforms (such as social gaming, internet of things, machine vision, artificial intelligence, and robotics) can be used in the offline world, and then capitalize companies to build businesses around these proven concepts. Offline commerce still represents 90% of the economy, and our collective goal at Cali Group is to aggregate offline data and link it to the online world.”

Cali Group also has significant ownership positions in FunWall, POPpacks, and Miso Robotics.

ABOUT CALI GRO UP Cali Group comprises CaliBurger, a global restaurant chain, and its affiliated technology companies. Cali Group is pioneering restaurant and retail operating systems that include software for: managing interactive gaming (online and offline); programming wearable digital signage; automated processes related to ordering and cooking; intelligent delivery of food from kitchen to customers in local neighborhoods; real time detection of operating errors and pathogens; and facial recognition systems for loyalty and payment verification.