Prizes for Top Five Winners of Newly Released Mobile Game of Skill

August 15th, 2016 – CaliBurgerTM announced today that it will sponsor a global tournament based on the exciting new mobile game, GemJump. GemJump will run on the FunWall social gaming platform which allows gamers to participate in multiplayer tournaments with other gamers in any public location.

GemJump is a visually striking endless jumper game where players guide a faceted sphere up an ever twisting 360-degree spire by jumping from gemstone to gemstone. The higher you climb, the greater the number of points you accumulate.

The tournament will run in ten countries allowing players from all over the world to compete. The unique FunWall leaderboard will not only allow gamers to see how they match up against their competition in the local CaliBurger, but also how they rank against every other player in the world.

The global tournament will start in September and run for 14 days. Every participating CaliBurger restaurant will host tournament play, and most CaliBurger restaurants will use large format displays to show the FunWall local and global leaderboards, along with unique game views and
animation. Any CaliBurger customer can participate by coming to a restaurant and joining the action via the FunWall game mode integrated into the GemJump game. Tournament play will occur during normal restaurant hours.

The individual global champion will be the player with the highest number of FunWall points accumulated across the entire period of the tournament. The ultimate tournament winner will receive a grand prize of USD $10,000. The four runners up will receive the latest Apple iPad Pro’s. There will also be daily prizes of food and beverages from the CaliBurger menu.

Gamers can start practicing for the upcoming CaliBurger tournament by downloading
the GemJump game from an App store from 19th August 2016 and selecting “single player” mode on their mobile devices. A further release of the GemJump game prior to the competition will include “FunWall” mode allowing gamers to join the multi-player global tournament.



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