SLG Growth Demonstrates Unique Model For Disrupting Retail With New Technologies

October 26, 2016 – CaliBurgerTM announced today that Super League Gaming, which was spun out of CaliBurger in 2014, has issued a press release regarding its Series C financing and growth,

“CaliBurger is a technology company that sells great cheeseburgers worldwide,” said John Miller, Chairman of CaliBurger. “Our strategy has been to develop new technology platforms that can impact the guest experience or our restaurant operations, demonstrate those technologies in our restaurants, and then spin out new companies that can attract venture capital funding to deploy the offerings in the broader retail sector. In the case of Super League, we were building an in-restaurant social gaming experience (based on the blockbuster game Minecraft) for our younger guests to enjoy.”

CaliBurger has meaningful ownership positions in three other venture backed companies (FunWall, Pop-i, and Miso Robotics) and is continuing development of new technologies for use in its restaurants, including: land-based drones for food delivery in certain markets; and machine vision coupled with deep learning and data analytics for real time monitoring of restaurant operations.


CaliBurger is a 21st century revival of the classic California burger joint. Our founders are California-bred with global ambitions, bringing the best of California culture, technology, imagery and food to markets that have long craved the famous California style burger. CaliBurger provides a premium quality burger experience at an accessible QSR price point. CaliBurger now operates in 12 countries. CaliBurger’s products feature the highest quality beef, buns baked fresh, top-grade chicken, hand-selected vegetables, zero trans-fat oils, sauces made in house, and hand-mixed

shakes. Our made-to-order meals are always prepared in open kitchens, and our restaurants incorporate advanced technologies to create a unique dining experience. CaliBurger customers can enjoy a taste of California in an environment that looks, smells, and feels like California. For more information, please visit