First Instance of Minecraft Group Gaming On Public Displays

Singapore – October 1, 2014 – CaliBurgerTM announced today that it will launch an interactive gaming platform in its Asia restaurants in October. The first group game accessible to CaliBurger customers will be a customized version of Minecraft.

Minecraft is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. Users experience the game on their smart phones with a first person perspective of the environment. The CaliBurger technology team, in collaboration with key hardware and software partners, has developed a novel platform for Minecraft gamers to experience the mobile game on the CaliBurger Video Walls through a third person perspective showing all of the players interacting. Specifically, the “CaliBurger Minecraft Video Wall Edition” includes:

• a Hunger Games scenario on a customized “Cali Island” (filled with CaliBurger branding), with a limited duration for play and a defined winner;

  • a leader board showing top players; and
  • a new third party perspective of the world, with focused views of specific events.Interactive mobile games on the CaliBurger Video Walls will be an integral component of the global brand. The games will be accessible to customers at certain times of the day. The launch at CaliBurger Asia will be followed in other markets.“Our interactive gaming platform on the Video Walls is the equivalent of the McDonald’s playground for the 21st Century,” said John Miller, Chairman of CaliBurger. “Just as the physical playground drew kids to McDonalds for decades, we have created a virtual playground for groups of kids to experience group mobile gaming in a new way, creating a memorable CaliBurger experience that brings target customers back to our restaurants.”


CaliBurger is a 21st century revival of the classic California burger joint. Our founders are California-bred with global ambitions, bringing the best of California culture, technology, imagery and food to markets that have long craved the famous California style burger. CaliBurger provides a premium quality burger experience at an