Restaurants & Retailers in Pasadena Establish Nation’s First Pay-by-Face Network

Debut of Hands-Free, Facial Recognition Payment System, from PopID, Follows Rollout of Company’s Entry Devices at Workplaces and Colleges 

PASADENA, August 14 – With California imposing strict restrictions to stem the spread of COVID-19, a number of restaurant and retail store owners in the city of Pasadena have quietly established the nation’s first dense “face-pay” network. These small business owners have embraced an advanced facial recognition technology that lets their customers make secure, hands-free purchases using only their faces.

PopID, a Cali Group company, today announced the city-wide deployment of its PopPay “face-pay” service following the successful roll-out of the company’s PopEntry facial recognition device that lets workers and students safely “scan-in” to their workplace and college campus facilities. Users can now add a credit or debit card to their PopID accounts for a safer, truly hands-free alternative to cash, credit cards or Apple Pay.

The launch in Pasadena of a dense network of businesses and people using the PopID platform for both payment and entry kicks off a city by city rollout of the contactless payment service. “In each new city we enter, we initially focus on installing PopEntry systems in the workplace and on local college campuses,” said John Miller, chairman of Cali Group and CEO of PopID. “As these communities grow comfortable using PopID to check in, we enlist area restaurants and retailers to offer PopPay for transactions.”

Some of the Pasadena restaurants and retailers now accepting PopPay include:

  • Again Café
  • Arroyo Chop House
  • BAN SUP refill
  • Barcelona
  • Bubble Puff and Tea
  • CaliBurger
  • Contessa Italian Foods
  • Daddy’s Chicken Shack
  • DogHaus
  • Fair Oaks Burger
  • The Fit Bar Superfood Cafe
  • Food Bar
  • Lêberry Bakery
  • Lemonade
  • Mediterranean Grill
  • Milkcow Café
  • Monopole Wine
  • Parkway Grill
  • Pho Banh Mi Che Cali
  • Real Food Cafe
  • Space Bar Wellness Center
  • Smitty’s
  • Sorriso
  • Taste of Pace
  • Tortas Mexico
  • …others

Customers can take advantage of PopID’s facial recognition payment service in one of a number of ways: at the drive-thru, at an in-venue kiosk, via a display screen affixed to the sneeze guard at the counter, or tableside with a waiter scanning the patron’s face using a hand-held Android device. Once recognized, the business simply draws from the customer’s PopIDaccount before sending a text message confirming payment. PopID accounts also tie to loyalty programs for automatic credit with every purchase. The user has full control over their account and can opt out of the secure service at any time.

Links to videos showing how PopPay works: 

Self-Ordering Kiosk:

Order at Counter:


Over the last three years, PopID has been tested and adapted for payment and loyalty programs at regional and national restaurant brands throughout the country including Belcampo , Bojangles, CaliBurger, Dair-i-o, Deli Time, Plant Power, and Port of Subs. In addition to allowing a safer, hands-free payment method, the system has been shown to make the ordering process quicker and more efficient.

PopPay follows the national roll-out of PopEntry+, the combined facial recognition and thermal temperature screening device now in use in private and government offices, factories, restaurants, assisted living facilities, sports venues and on college campuses.

About PopID

PopID, a Cali Group company, offers businesses a secure platform that gives workers and consumers the option of authenticating their identity using advanced facial recognition. The company’s PopEntry device used facial recognition to allow entry to a building or office, while its PopEntry+ device adds thermal temperature screening as a measure to help ensure worker safety and wellness. The company’s PopPay opt-in digital wallet allows customers to pay with their faces as a hands-free alternative to cash, credit cards or Apple Pay. After registering for the service once, people can choose to use PopID for various purposes, including logging into loyalty accounts, receiving personalized food ordering recommendations, processing payments, and entering facilities. Learn more about PopID‘s vision at:


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