Paves Way For CaliBurger To Become Leading Next Generation QSR Chain In Asia

Silicon Valley, CA – August 8, 2014 – CaliBurgerTM announced today that the SoftBank- affiliated Kaikaku Fund has invested in CaliBurger and its affiliate CaliBurger Philippines. CaliBurger Philippines is a franchisee of CaliBurger and is a joint venture partner in CaliBurger Asia, a Singapore-based company with rights to develop the CaliBurger brand in Asia outside of mainland China. The capital will be used to open additional restaurants, solidify the CaliBurger Asia corporate team and training infrastructure, and expand into new markets in Asia.

“The fund’s experience in Asia will assist CaliBurger in becoming the first premium burger chain to scale in the region,” said John Miller, chairman of CaliBurger. “In addition to guiding our Asia expansion strategy, the fund’s expertise in telecom and e-commerce will help CaliBurger execute its plan to become the first QSR chain to generate a meaningful source of revenue through interaction of its Premium CaliTM Video Walls and customers’ mobile devices.” The Video Walls showcase co-branded stories about CaliBurger, California lifestyle, and various global brands and musicians in which CaliBurger customers are interested.

Kaikaku Fund joins IPVI and Quadrant Management as a stakeholder in CaliBurger Philippines. IPVI is a private equity firm in Manila, and Quadrant Management is a New York based private equity group. Kaikaku joins institutional investors in the United States, Dubai and Hong Kong as a shareholder in CaliBurger Global.


CaliBurger is a 21st century revival of the classic California burger joint. Our founders are California-bred with global ambitions, bringing the best of California culture, technology, imagery and food to markets that have long craved the famous California style burger. CaliBurger provides a premium quality burger experience at an accessible QSR price point. CaliBurger’s products feature the highest quality beef, buns baked fresh, top-grade chicken, hand-selected vegetables, zero trans-fat oils, sauces made in house, and hand-mixed shakes. Our made-to- order meals are always prepared in open kitchens, and our restaurants incorporate advanced technologies to create a unique dining experience. CaliBurger customers can enjoy a taste of California in an environment that looks, smells, and feels like California. For more information, please visit