During Select Hours, High Tech Restaurant Chain To Be Forum For Community Gaming And Meet Ups

Los Angeles, California – February 10, 2016 – CaliBurgerTM and FunWallTM announced today that the FunWall platform will be launched at CaliBurger restaurants in North America on Friday, February 12. The first game in the platform, Hashtag Blitz (#Blitz), will allow customers to compete by identifying keywords on their mobile devices for the images displayed on the video wall. The video wall will show a dynamic leaderboard during the tournaments along with a picture of the winner at the end of each tournament. A video preview of Hashtag Blitz in “FunWall Mode” can be viewed at: The Hashtag Blitz game is available for download in Apple and Android App stores. The launch of “for fun” tournaments at certain times on Friday and Saturday will be followed by “for prize” tournaments on Sunday and Monday.

FunWall is developing a portfolio of simple, popular mobile games to run on public displays in tournament format. In January, PDC, a Japanese company (owned by Panasonic, Marubeni, NTT Group, and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group), invested in FunWall, with the goal of distributing FunWall mode games to its 30,000 plus screens in its out of home, global digital display network.

“FunWall builds on the success of ‘Family Minecraft Nights’ at CaliBurger by allowing anyone with a smartphone to participate in fun, socially interactive mobile gaming tournaments and meet
ups. Our rollout of FunWall to CaliBurger restaurants in the USA redefines the concept of fast casual dining by offering 21st century entertainment through technology that is smart, social, and engaging,” said John Miller, Chairman of CaliBurger.


FunWall transforms single player mobile games into multi-player tournaments. The FunWall platform runs on displays in public places such as restaurants, bars, and airports as well as in the cloud. FunWall tournaments can be for fun only, or winners may receive prizes.


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